Famous Hollywood filmmaker said "New Zealand is not a small country but a large village" on his visit to the country of Kiwis. He was indeed right in his remark about the country. Visiting New Zealand can certainly make you feel as if you have landed yourself up among the best place on earth where people are simple and lead life in a simple way.

For those people travelling to New Zealand for the first time, it is very easy to reach the country by Air. An array of flights operates to New Zealand from almost all the countries of the world such as China, Britain, Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Cruising can be yet another option for the adventure seeker. All you need to have is a valid passport and a visa, and the country will be ready to welcome you.

 The culture of New Zealand is to a large extent responsible for the rich heritage that is attached to this place. The Maori Art plays a very significant role and is responsible for the respect that the country has all over the world. Stone carving and weaving are very much alive in the country as there a large number of skilled artisans present till today. One can find examples of intricate works in the museums of the country. Art lovers will find this place quite exciting as Music and Dance are in proper sync to each other.

An interesting thing about New Zealand is that it is also known as the Home of Middle Earth. This name mainly came in to use after the release of the film Lord of the Rings and its subsequent instalments. The place has attracted many eyeballs and was in the news after the release of the film The Hobbit. The extraordinary natural beauty of the place always draws filmmakers here. Many New Zealand Holiday Packages also provide a tour to the Home of Middle Earth that is to all those places where the important scenes of the films have been shot.

You can also visit the picturesque location of Lake Tekapo, which is only a three hours drive from Christchurch. The stunning milky-turquoise colour of the lake comes from rock flour that is present in the water. The hot springs of the lake helps to relax your nerve and calm you down. With the kind of ambience that the place has, Lake Tekapo is a photographer's delight. Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a good option for trek lovers. The tour begins with a walk from the Mangatepopo Valley at Wakapapa and ends at the North Crater. A breathtaking view of the surrounding place is the speciality of this trekking journey.

A stroll through the Ninety Mile Beach enables you to makes you feel that there the road is never ending one. The beach is a highway and can only be best enjoyed by riding through a safari. Tourists can also coach tour from Kaitaia and explore the whole place. One can indulge in a large number of activities such as surfcasting, swimming and body boarding. The best time to visit the place is either in February or March, when a five day fishing competition is held.

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