On hearing the name of France, some of the names that come to the mind are Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Disneyland and French Riviera but visiting the same places can be a bit boring some times. There are a large number of lesser known places and tourist attractions that will amaze and brighten you up the same way as the common tourist places of the country would have. Every year, the country attracts about 80 million tourists from all over the world.

In order to make your France Holidays full of excitement, you can explore these beautiful places of the country.

La Palmyre Zoo: Established in the year 1966, the La Palmyre Zoo is located at a place called Les Mathes. It is spread over an area of 18 hectares; the zoo is home to a variety of animal species. Starting from the underwater Polar Bear to a female Cheetah and Indian Elephants one can find all of them at one place. A special care is taken by all the staffs employed in the zoo so that no animals suffer from any kind of disease and also get the proper food. The best time to visit the park is between April and October when the sea lions of California give a presentation.

Gorge du Verdon: Also known as the Verdon Gorge, Gorge du Verdon is a must visit for the tourists. It is a river that is mainly famous for the turquoise green color of the water. The river is spread over a length of 25 kms and includes some beautiful views of lush green vegetation that is spread on both sides of the nearby mountain. Due to the close proximity of the river to French Riviera most of the tourists prefer to come to this place. Moreover, the place is also famous for rock climbing. It is also one of the most beautiful canyons in a European country.

Mont Saint-Michel: If you want some peace and privacy then visiting an island is the ultimate choice. Mont Saint-Michel Island is located on the north western coast of France. The island was formed by powerful tidal waves. It is said that the island was actually an abbey in the ancient times that was occupied by monks. The major attractions of this island are the village with a minimal population of 100 people, a variety of shops and museums. You can also find a number of cafes and restaurants here.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées: It is a street in Paris that bustles with activity every one time or the other. You can find cinema halls, cafes and shopping malls. One interesting thing that will grab the eyeballs of the visitors is the different types of French monuments that are present on each side of the streets such as Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde. Every year, on the eve of Bastille Day which is held on 14th July, a military parade passes through the street. If you are lucky enough you can be one of the audiences to view such a spectacular event.

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