Summer time is always special for the families! It’s when the summer vacations give you the quality time to spend a holiday with your loved ones.While deciding on your international tours, Turkey could be the ideal destination, known for its glorious history and magnificent empires. Reining the lands of Anatolia, numerous civilizations have taken advantage of the beauty of the land that is geographically located as a piece connecting Europe and Asia.

The advantage of the location has benefitted the trade and business of the country and has seen the intermingling of different cultures as well. The reigns of the following empires on the fertile land have brought a major impact in their own way. Along with the Sumerians , Hittites, the Lydians and the  Byzantines, and not to forget the Seljuks all have had their piece of rich glory over this land! The rich history has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms and their reigning strength. This makes the destination all the more a favorite amongst those tourists that strive for locations that speak for themselves.  Amazingly beautiful in every way, Turkey Holidays can be truly the most enterprising and fun filled family vacations. Check out on the architectural influence of the Ottomans on the heritage sites still existing with the magnificent glory of the empire with the turkey holiday packages from India.  The social life of the locals is absolutely lively and energetic. With native customs and traditions for many social events from weddings to births and other social holidays, the Turkish culture is a warm and embracing tradition.

As it is surrounded by the sea and beautiful mountains, it experiences temperate Mediterranean climate. This is the reason that the climate is pleasant throughout the year and maintains a beautiful Flora and Fauna.

 The folkloric dancers of the Cradle of Civilizations are simply miraculous. The colorful dresses and art performances are truly a sight to watch. Turkey holiday packages will bring you an exposure of the archaeological finds, culture and art to its most beautiful perspective, a treasure you will always carry in your minds. Istanbul is seen as one of the biggest commercial hubs and a living evidence of the rise of the Chalcolithic and Persian ages and the fullest capacity of being a magnificent city. Turkey is also known as the land of Oil Wrestlers. Amateur wrestlers from around the world gather here to enjoy these matches! Even camel wrestling is a famous activity of the region where the camels are brought close to each other to grapple with. Foundations of these events can be traced in the rich history of the country making it all the more a delightful land to explore.

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