What Australia offers to a tourist, no other country can offer it. This is what I can say about my tour to the land of Kangaroos. This friendly country of the world has a host of things in store if you are planning to pay a visit there. I really had an amazing holiday trip this summer as I went out with my family. It was a life time experience for all of us and hence I would like to share it.

Since, there are an endless number of places in Australia to travel around we decided to enjoy ourselves in Gold Coast. The first time I heard the name of Gold Cost I thought that the place was all about beaches but upon my arrival to the place I found out that I was completely wrong. Theme parks, shopping, night clubs and all possible sources of entertainment are present in this place that annually receives 134,000 tourists from all over the world.

Since there are no direct flights from India so we reached the country after stopping over at Singapore. We booked a flight with Qantas Airport. It took a total of 15 hours for us to finally reach at Australia. However, one can reach there by ship that takes a long time and make take out all your energy and reduce your interest of visiting the country.

Since we were all weary in the first day, we decide to explore Gold Coast from the very next day. We started off our day by visiting Kira Beach in order to unwind ourselves. I decided to try my hand at snorkeling. With the help of an expert sea diver I explored the underwater world. It was a life time experience for me as I could very easily view all the underwater species. The most enthralling experience was the passing by of a shark near my body, for once I felt I was almost about to faint seeing such a giant sea animal passing beside me.

The next day, it was time for the kids to enjoy. We went to the Dreamworld. At the very first sight of this park with my kids jumped out of excitement and in no time ran towards the Corkscrew roller coaster. I took the tickets and joined them. The twirls of the roller coaster ride were enough to give me an adrenaline rush. The speed with which it climbed upwards and came down was something that me, my daughter and son would not forget for a long time. After the ride, we headed towards Wet ‘n' Wild Water Park and got ourselves drenched in the cool waters. After this we feed food to kangaroos in the Fleays Wildlife Park.

The third day of our holidays in Australia , my wife decided to visit some nearby shops. Shopping was not in our mind but we had some plans to take some souvenirs of the country. We bought an inflatable Kangaroo, as it was the national animal and both my kids started playing with it. Since, my wife loves teddy bears she also bought plush laughing spinning koala toy. We also visited the markets of Paradise Centers, Harbour town and Marina Mirage.

Our holiday trip in Australia was coming to an end and hence all of us decided to have an exciting end to it. We visited one of the beaches in Gold Coast. It was evening and everyone was in a party mood. The foot tapping music of the DJ had every one dancing to their feet. We partied till late night. We took rest the next day and it was midnight when we caught our flight to India.

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