This country has been through an enormous human subjugation and has overcome the tyranny with grace and strength. The era of the apartheid has lifted the moral strength of the country to heights where they have learned to walk hand in hand to accomplish a country with great beauty in all the sectors of the economy. The beauty of the flora and fauna and the economy, trade and infrastructure are all the blessings of the traumatic stage that the nation has gone through. The continuous strive to strengthen the ties within the nation has polished the gifts of the “Rainbow Nation”.

The warmth of the people can be felt in the amicable way the locals curl together over a braai, a feast to indulge in while on your international packages.

 The beauty of the land can be relished with the green blue skies and a rich wild life. South Africa holidays without the Safaris are like being refrained from the basic element of life! There is no way in which you should miss out on the black and white stripes that are used to camouflage the wild zebras in their natural habitat. The heavy Hippos running through the shallow waters with their heavy and slick skins and pink mouths are a magical sight viewed from the open jeeps in the hub of their natural homes. Endless grasslands and groovy vineyards is what this nation has to offer as a complementary gift. The sight is truly marvellous and amazing. The South African Penguins at Boulder’s Beach and the Cheetahs and Rhinos in the African bushes can be part of your South Africa holiday packages from India. Another illustrious activity that most of the tourists look forward to is the Hunting of the Big Five! The Big Five refers to the African Elephant, Cape buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, and the king of the jungle- the Lion! These hunting safaris are accompanied by professional hunters and are conducted only at specific places in the area. This is a dangerous sport and hence has a certain level of thrill to it!  This game is a rare play and can be the highlight of your South Africa holiday packages.

Interestingly the trophies of the hunters are sent to taxidermists and they help to create beautiful shoulder mounts, full mounts, European Mounts and pedestal mounts as per the client’s preferences. These trophies are shipped as per the state laws and rules and under proper documentation.

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