Sitting on the Southern eastern corner of South Asia, in the midst of beautiful drifting sands is a paradise known for the treasures that can be only found in this part of the Arabian Peninsula.  Dubai is likely to be placed as the best destination for tourists by the year 2015. Very few know of the fact that once this location was the home of petty nomads whose only source of income was diving for pearls in the sea for trading.  But this land has the most fearless and diligent people who strived to make their piece of earth a destination that attracts visitors from all across the globe and to facilitate them with the world’s best luxury homes.

There are a lot of events that take place all year round in Dubai. One of them is the Dubai Shopping Festival, very famous for the discounts offered on the merchandise. This festival is scheduled in the first quarter of the year and has gained popularity in the past years. The destination experiences a major inflow of tourists around this time and the attraction is mainly focused on the variety of merchandise that comes in from all parts of the globe.

You can truly enjoy the royal luxury that the land has to offer and relish your Dubai holiday packages without any doubt. These packages help you to experience the fascinating tours and facilities tailor made and advised by experienced tour operators.  A vacation at Dubai is a quest that you can fully absorb and enjoy, while being situated near the salty and gentle Persian Gulf which you can avail with the Dubai holiday packages from India. Khor Dubai or the Dubai creek and the Jumeirah beaches are truly beautiful destinations of Dubai. Interestingly the 2009 World Cup was set on the Jumeirah beaches.  This is where once the fishing and pearling boats were harbored waiting to be used for the next catch at the light of dawn.  Sand Dunes, Palm and Date trees swaying in the hot breezes bring you the feel of the warmth that Dubai has to offer you. Camel rides on the sandy dunes under the blazing sun can be a life time experience that sets you in the era of wealthy sheikhs basking in the glory of their luxury.

International vacation packages are itineraries that enthral you with the feel of the area and are meant to completely engulf you with the imperial sheikhdom and their royal aura.

Source : http://www.destinationtravels.in/blog/land-of-drifting-sands-and-pearls-of-wisdom/


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