Knowing the culture of a country before visiting is not only necessary but is also interesting. Some norms might be strikingly different where as a very rare of them might be similar. Learning a culture or habituating yourself with the tradition of another country helps you to experience life in a totally different way. Your holiday in abroad can be a cultural trip that can bring a new meaning in your life.

Cantonese is the term which is used for Hong Kong culture. The culture of the country is an amalgamation of Eastern and the western world. It is due to this diversity that the people of Hong Kong are very open- minded and accepts people from all over the world. The warm and hospitality with which the guests are treated leave the travellers mesmerized. The local people also try to associate themselves with the tourists.

The population of Hong Kong consists of people from all type of religion that includes British, Indians, Jews and Shanghainese. Taoism, Buddhism, Christianism, Islam are the major religions of the country. Respecting the traditional values form an effective part of life in the country. Terms like family solidarity and family glory are really important. On the other hand, there are also a large number of people who live a modern day life and apply western tips. While going for Hong Kong Holidays, travellers normally do not face a language problem as English is spoken there. Other languages include Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin.

As far as the Hong Kong cuisine is concerned there are a number of dishes that will leave the food buff asking for more. Every dish prepared here is delicious and is unique.  Be it the French toast, the scrambled egg sandwich, stinky tofu or the pineapple bum each one of them are bound to provide the ultimate food experience to the people. But, one of the most interesting dishes of them all is the Dim Sum. It is said that the Dim sum is one of the most iconic food of the country and never gets old as it is loved by the people of all ages.

Some of the most wonderful religious temples are located in Hong Kong. One can find here mosques, temples, gurdwara and churches. The Happy Valley Hindu Temple is attended by some 40000 Hindus residing in the country. It is also a centre for a number of activities such as yoga, meditation etc. Diwali and Dussehra are celebrated at this place with much enthusiasm. The rectangular shaped Jamia Mosque is a fine example of modern architecture and is attended mostly by the Muslims. More than 220,000 Muslims reside at this place.

Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple was constructed in the year 1901 by the Sikh members of the British Army. Later in the year 1930, the Gurdwara was reconstructed due to the growing number of Sikhs in the country. It offers meal free of cost and accommodation to visitors of any religion.

The St John's Cathedral is one of the oldest and the biggest buildings of the world. Constructed in the year 1879, the Church played a very important role in serving the people who suffered in the Second World War. More than 100 people took shelter here when the Japan attacked the city.


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