A glittering metropolis, with an influence of the Chinese culture is just the right word for describing the most sought destination in the world – Hong Kong.  This Special Administrative Region of China is the most densely populated place on earth with a population of nearly seven million people. For all those wonderful skyscrapers touching the skies of the region, Hong Kong has a lot to offer for the tourists visiting the place all round the year. The city has the best shopping premises in the world. The IFC Mall in Central Hong Kong is one the most favorite spots for the spending bees. Another busy buff in the market arena is the City Plaza, and Kowloon’s streets filled with the most colorful markets and boutiques to spend your money for good and memorable buys.  The famous Ladies Market has all the products that a lady would want to spend her money on. The latest trends in fashion and glamour are all available here at your disposal!

The city is also known for its trade activities. You can experience the most busiest and purposeful harbor in the world. A panoramic view of the harbor from the IFC Mall brings you the chill down the spine, the amount of activity and colorful water vehicles in the harbor show the degree of economic activity that is found in the area.

 The most enduring activity among the tourists that visit the area is the indulgence in the great food available. The restaurants and eateries in this region have simply the most exotic savor to treat your taste buds! The Sea food available here is the best in the world as it is truly the freshest catch of the day. Enjoy eating out on the world’s best floating restaurants while on yourLuxury Hong Kong Holidays.  Hong Kong is known for its world class High Teas, which are a must to indulge in while on your vacations here. The city is a mesmerizing sight to watch at night. It is just the place where the East meets the West! The sparkling night life of the place is famous all over the world. It seems as if the place suddenly turns alive with a magic wand in the night! Take back beautiful memories of Hong Kong Disney land and the Ocean Park. Both have thrilling experiences in store for you. Include the best locations in your Hong Kong Holiday Packages and don’t miss out on Ngong Ping, and Madame Tussauds.

Source: http://www.destinationtravels.in/blog/hong-kong-displays-the-best-shopping-night-life-and-cuisines-at-your-disposal/


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