You will be forgiven if you mistake Turkey for a historical site. Coming to this country will make you feel as if you have pressed the rewind button of history and have landed up yourself in one of the historical cities of the bygone era. Turkey is truly a place that will tell you mythological tales and stories of famous kings who have inscribed a mark in the pages of world history. The country is also home to some of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Spending a holiday in Turkey is like reading a history book. Just as you discover new events by turning the pages of books; in the same way you also explore new cities as you travel more in the country. If you are someone who loves to unearth the mysteries of the past by discovering a new country, then Turkey is waiting for you with arms wide open.

You can begin your journey by visiting the archeological site of Troy. In his epic poem, The Iliad, Homer described this site where the famous Trojan War was fought. Located in Mount Ida it is said that the city of Troy has nine archeological layers that includes sewage system, public bath houses and different type of artifacts. Hence you can visit each of these places and imagine how exactly the city looked like at that point of time. The city is about four thousand years old and the nest way to discover is with the help of a guide.

Next is the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği. Built by Ahmed Shah in the thirteenth century, this UNESCO World heritage site is mainly known for its beautiful three dimensional architectures. All the designs are unique and differ from each other. A Hospital is situated in adjacent to the mosque which is quite noteworthy. It is a two storey building that is surrounded by fountains and porticoes. The heart shaped stone masterpiece is also something that lures visitors to this place.

Nemrut Mountain is an open air museum and is the highest one in the world. The statues that are placed inside it are as high as ten meters and have ancient inscriptions written on them. It is believed that this mountain was the place of worship for the people staying in Anatolia. It also consists of statues of animals comprising of lions and eagles. It is also the place to have a perfect view for a wonderful sunset.

Visiting Göreme National Park and the Rock Site of Cappadocia will make you feel as if you have come to a totally new world. It is a place where one can find an abundance of flora. It is said that two mountains here that are Erclyes and Hasan were formed by the constant sand and water erosion that has been occurring for many years. Other interesting things include a visit to the underground cities of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Mazl Ozkonak and Tatlarin. Travelers can visit each of the underground cities in order to have an experience about the underground world.

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