Visiting to the South American countries in your next holiday trip will definitely let you and your family to enjoy life to the fullest. Each and every country of this continent has something special reserved for you. Due to a sudden increase in the number of arrival of the tourists to this continent of the Western Hemisphere there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists arriving at this place. It is now connected by a number of airlines. Hence, you can easily get here from all parts of the world whether Africa, Asia, Europe or North America.

Of all the countries of the South American continent, Brazil is one such country which is in the news and is the most preferable country by the travellers. With only few months left for 2014 to arrive, the country is all set to host the Fifa World Cup. So if you have planned your visit during that time of the year then you can be an audience to the grand celebrations of the opening ceremony. All the matches are to be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. Hence, you can book your Luxury South America Holidays in this country also.

To solve more curiosity about South America here are some of the important facts about some countries of the South American continent. Angel Falls, the highest waterfall can be found in Venezuela. Amazon, the second largest river in the world flows through this continent. Atacama Desert and Amazon Rainforest, the driest place on earth and the largest rainforest is found here. Hence, all these wonderful attractions of the continent make the visit to the continent all the more meaningful.

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